Podcast Launch with Chefpanzee!

I recently just launched the Built In Salt Lake podcast with my intro episode, so technically that is Episode 1. BUT, I consider Episode 2 my REAL podcast launch, as I got to interview a local founder here in Salt Lake, so let’s get into it.

Chefpanzee is “Your On-Demand Personal Chef” located right here in Salt Lake City.  Their mission is to provide chefs with certified kitchen spaces, a marketing platform, and logical solutions to help these talented chefs build a brand in their community.

I reached out to them on Instagram because I thought it was an interesting concept and wanted to know more about how they started and their business model. Like me, the founders are from the San Francisco Bay Area, and wanted to build something different here in Salt Lake City. 

The Chefpanzee team shares two passions: traveling and eating. Through their travels they have fallen in love with cuisines from around the world. Now with their platform they are able to share these experiences with you by providing access to authentic cuisines from around the world, delivered right to your front door!

You can listen to the podcast interview with co-founder, Indu Sudhakar by clicking on the link below:

Built In Salt Lake Podcast E2: Interview with the Co-Founder of Chefpanzee

You can find out more about Chefpanzee by visiting them @:

Website: chefpanzee.com
Facebook: facebook.com/chefpanzee
Instagram: instagram.com/chefpanzeeapp
Email: team@chefpanzee.com

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